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    Default Photosuite Mobile Question

    Is there any way to make the picture be shown in this program without having to slide it around on the screen? In the FULL size mode (vs. the thumbprint mode) when I view a picture, the outside edges are always missing. You have to move the picture around with the stylus to see the whole thing.

    Is there a way around this? Do the other photo type programs have the same problem? Should I buy a differant program to overcome this?



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    I had the same issue with PhotoSuite and did not like the way you had to move the picture. I use SplashPhoto and love it. I think it's still only $9.95 which is a great price so download and give it a try.

    SplashPhoto turns your Palm OS handheld into a mobile digital picture frame. Simply edit and upload your favorite images with the included desktop software and you?re ready to view images while on the go. Images can be viewed by thumbnail, individually or in a slide show. You can rename, categorize and attach notes to images, and even beam images to your friends!

    Supports Palm SD/MMC external memory cards

    Supports Sony Clie Memory Stick cards

    Simple, intuitive interface

    Stunning image quality

    Supports 16-bit color, 8-bit color & 4-bit grayscale

    Thumbnail image browser

    View images in a Slide Show

    Annotate and Categorize Images

    Beam images to others

    Desktop image editor lets you crop, rotate and enhance images prior to uploading to Palm
    Don\'t sweat the petty things and don\'t pet the sweaty things!

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    Default Thanks Top Hat!

    I'm downloading it now and will check it out.


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    Default Photo Software

    go to and get the free Almum to Go software. Then use it with the cropping option not checked. It will result in the entire photo being displayed. You will probably like this software better than the free MGI stuff that came with your Palm.

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    Default Album To Go doesn't support VFS yet

    go to and get the free Almum to Go software
    I agree that ATG is a nicer app (and free) compared to MGI PhotoSuite Mobile that came bundled with Palm. But latter has 2 strengths not found yet in ATG 2.0:

    1. VFS support. Upgrade PhotoSuite 2.21 to v2.23 and it'll allow to store albums on expansion cards. I asked ClubPhoto and they replied that ATG 2.0 doesn't support this. It's planned for the next version but they refused to say when.

    2. Movie playback (an academic issue for m505's screen )

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    I agree with Top Cat; SplashPhoto is a much nicer program to work with than either of the two that have been mentioned.

    SplashPhoto allows users to resize (zoom in or out, crop), set the color depth, and do a batch install, meaning you can configure all of the pictures you want to install and then transfer all of them at once. PLUS, it has VFS support.

    Check it out:
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    Great post. I am not happy with the free software that came with my Palm (well, im happy because it was free!) but I am looking or a bit more.

    I am going to try Album to Go since its free...and see how I like it. However I like the interface of Splash Photo. So I will have to decide



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