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    Angry Lost all data on M105

    Help! All the data on my Palm M105 disappeared. The batteries are fresh and I didn't drop it. To make matters worse, I also don't have the information on my desktop because I had to reinstall all applications and my backup didn't work. Is there a way to recover the data directly from the PDA?

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    No, sadly, it is gone. There is no backup built into the m105. Make sure your batteries are making a solid contact. Even if they get jostled briefly, and lose contact, you could lose everything.
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    Welcome to Brighthand, Sassy!

    Sorry for your loss. What data are you referring to? Contacts? Calendar? Everything?

    Have you checked the "All" category in those apps?
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    Welcome to Brighthand, Sassy. Take a step back and a deep breath and answer jigwashere's question. Sometimes all data can appear lost when it's actually squirelled away in a different category within your address book, calendar are laucnher screen. Maybe check under the menu option App/Menu/Info and set it to "records" to confirm whether there is anything there. If there is we can set about finding it.
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