How much data will 2mb hold?

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    Default How much data will 2mb hold?

    I am looking into buying the m100 for my wife to replace her Franklin planner. However, I don't know if I should get the m100 with 2mb of memory, or the m105 with 8mb of memory. How much information, addresses, notes, to do items, etc. can be loaded before exceeding the 2mb limit? Any ideas or averages available? She has probably 150 addresses and phone numbers, and 5 - 10 "to do's" for each day.

    I appreciate any advice!

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    If all she'll do is use the built-in apps, she will probably lose or break the Palm before filling the 2MB memory!

    OTOH, she might end up wanting to try a few of the more than 10,000 applications available for the Palm OS, so you might want to seriously consider the m105, which has 4X the memory for only another $50 or so. Also, you might want to consider Palm's Factory Outlet store, which offers like-new refurbished m105's for under $105, and m100's for under $70!
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