How do you enter a HEX WEP Key?

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    Default How do you enter a HEX WEP Key?

    Hi All,

    I have a WiFi Lan at home and I typed my 13 char ASCII-128 Network Key in when connecting to the network and it worked perfectly.

    At work I have a 26 char Hex-128 key and I dont seem to be able to enter it when asked for the network key...

    How do I enter a Hex Key, has anyone done this... help please.



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    I use 26 char HEX at home, and I just used the keyboard with no difficulty.
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    Just so that I have got this right...

    In the HP WiFi settings for the Selected LAN you were able to select WEP and setup the Key

    eg "Key 1" B5E67463535534433245436747 ?

    Does anyone know why there is more than one Key and whether they are used in a priority order? Is the list of Keys kept for each LAN is are they all toegther in one pool?




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