How do I reset to factory new?

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    I am going to sell the IPAQ - When I do a hard reset on it to clean everything off of it it restores all my contacts. How do I do a complete reset so that it retains no information?


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    Activate QUtilities (ie. click the "Q" button), go to "Backup" then "Save Contacts"
    It will show the option to "Erase All". Then just do a Hard Reset, it will be as good as new.

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    If you're going to reset, watch Compaq give you the "Bird"

    Hold the Action button (push "in" on the control pad) followed by pressing the Reset button (small hole on bottom of iPAQ, use the Stylus Tip to press it).

    If you do it just right, you'll be greeted with a picture of what looks like a Cardinal or something. Pretty nice example of what the iPAQs colors can do as well.

    Unfortunately, there's no way out of it, and requires the ultimate Reset switch, the power button on the bottom of the iPAQ. Just behind that sliding door. Similar to when you first fired it up, just switch it on and off again to bring your iPAQ back to life, fully restored factory defaults.

    Here's a piccy of my iPAQ giving me the "Bird" :

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    Thats pretty funny

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    hey 999:

    is that the shenmue guide behind the bird?!


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    Actually guys, I believe that is a lorikeet (also called "lories"). Very beautiful birds and very colorful. Not too many people keep them as pets, as they eat only a liquid/fruit diet and will not take seeds or pellets.

    -- Todd, who doesn't let his cockatiels anywhere near the iPaq. :-)



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