3130 UPGRADE PPC2002:Heeeelp!!!!

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    Exclamation 3130 UPGRADE PPC2002:Heeeelp!!!!

    Hi to all,i'm italian...sorry for my english...!5 days ago i bought from ebay an ipaq 3130 with CF expansion and new battery for 40?...it appears like new!

    My problem is i've tried to upgrade to ppc2002 but the flash program give me this error: (error 103) saying the "ROM image file not found" and "download the ROM upgrade utility and try again"...!Why????I'm using the cradle with serial connection,my ipaq is italian language and the rom that i've tried is english!I've spent much hours surfing in internet without luck,but i'm not the onlyone that have this problem...!Is this due to the different language?
    Is there anyone that can help me please...????
    A lot of thanks!

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    Default Re: 3130 UPGRADE PPC2002:Heeeelp!!!!


    can I ask you, where to find the ROM?
    I have an ipaq 3130 too, it has winCE 3.0, and I want to upgrade it to PPC2k2 OS..



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