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    Default iOS4 Apps on OS3 iPad

    On the day after I upgraded the OS on my iPhone 3Gs and iPod Touch 2nd Gen I also upgraded an app on those two devices & on my iPad (no upgraded OS until Fall.) The app works as expected on the two OS4 devices but crashes when opening on the iPad.

    I now have 22 (and increasing daily) apps which have been updated for OS4 sitting in the App Store app on my iPad. I'm holding off installing any of the updated apps for fear of losing the functionality that I currently have. Is anyone else paddling around in my boat? I have no problem waiting but it occurred to me that it was crummy that an app would no longer work on an OS3 device after the update unless the difference is something built in to allow for the multi-tasking feature.

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    Default Re: iOS4 Apps on OS3 iPad

    Just like when the switch was made by Apple from PPC to Intel, some apps were made for one, some for the other, and some were "universal". iOS apps are now the same way. Ones that worked on 3 should work on 4 but won't be able to take advantage of some of the multitasking goodness (as you pointed out). However, unless a developer--Evernote is a good example--made their app universal, if they upgrade it for 4, it may not work right on 3.

    This sort of thing was happening to me with the app: It was working just fine on the surface, but if I tried to add a new city or access preferences, it crashed. Its since been updated, but I don't know if its universal or not, but I know its not an iPad app.

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    Default Re: iOS4 Apps on OS3 iPad

    I have noticed that iOS4 apps show up larger in 1x mode on my iPad and there is (obviously) no longer a 2x option. They look a lot better but still aren't native resolution. I have not bothered with iOS4 on my iTouch because I can't find the time to deal with backing up properly. I know. I lost everything once so I really should back up. Perhaps I will find time this evening...

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