I've been a happy i705 user since the first week it was available. CopyTalk is a 3rd party service I've been using for the past 3 months and have found their integrated E-mail, date book, to-do list, and contact sync with Outlook and the i705 a very good solution.

Calling from my cell phone I have my messages or updates to my schedual/to-do list/contacts PUSH'ed to my palm and transcribed for me so I don't have to type long messages on the palm.

This week they added to their pachage an option to LISTEN to your E-mail's (with filters) and reply using your cell phone, works directly with the i705 and now not only is a good service but with this new feature is PERFECT. Now the i705 is a perfect "Full circle" product that really works the way we need to.

I wanted to share this for those who really want the most from their i705.

Sorry for the excitment, I am not connected to either company only wanted to share this service with others. www.copytalk.com