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    Default htc diamond, verizon vs alltel

    i've been reading some reviews for the htc touch diamond.. and i'm pretty sure the verizon version is worse than the alltel version? i've read that the verizon phone seems to lag much more? though, obviously, i'm not sure. does anybody know first hand?

    verizon's version of the phone is the only one with a diamond-faceted back, right? that little characterstic is something that i absolutely loved about it, but i have to go function over form if the verizon version is absolute garbage. although i don't care for the sharp corners, as compared to the rounded corners of the sprint and alltel versions.

    sorry if i'm completely off here, but i am very curious.

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    Default Re: htc diamond, verizon vs alltel

    I don't know that much about these particular things...but since Alltel is now Verizon, I'm kind of thinking you can't differentiate between the two when buying new phones or renewing contracts. Old Alltel contracts are grandfathered in. But anything new means you're going with Verizon. (If I understand correctly.) AND...I'm not sure about the equipment. I guess if there were a lot of Alltel HTC Diamonds in stock, Verizon may choose to sell them off. OTOH, since Verizon is well known for crippling their devices, they may choose not to.

    (Which is why I jumped ship after being an Alltel customer for over 20 years.)

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