Is there a sim card in the snap?

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    Default Is there a sim card in the snap?

    I just got a HTC Snap and am trying to locate the SIM card slot. The online manual on HTC's website does not match my phone.

    I have pushed every plastic part trying to unlock the SIM card slot as described.

    Is there a SIM card slot on this phone, where is it, and if not how do I transfer my info from my old phone to this one? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Is there a sim card in the snap?

    1) What carrier 2) You looked under the battery, I presume?
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    Default Re: Is there a sim card in the snap?

    If you have T-mobile or AT&T, then yes. Any other carrier you won't.
    As for transferring information, you could try to go to whatever carrier you're with and ask them if they can transfer your files and/or contacts.



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