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    Default Wifi Supports WPA

    A great review and it has helped me make up my mind about which model to buy.

    One thing that it doesn't include is the security level possible with Wifi. Is it just standard WEP or does it also support WPA?

    Anyone know? Thanks, Craig []

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    Here's an FAQ from HP.com:
    "What is 802.1X and is it supported?
    The h4100/h4300 series supports the IEEE 802.1X standard for wireless encryption for customers whose networks support this feature. This security standard controls access to a wireless network by varying encryption keys using the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP). Pocket PC 2003 supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Microsoft’s Protected EAP (PEAP) implementation of 802.1X. Both implementations require an enroller to retrieve the appropriate certificates from a central certificate authority (CA) onto your Pocket PC. The enroller is included in the ROM for the h4150/h4350 series."



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