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    Default HP1910 OS question

    What's the difference between the version of PPC 2002 on the HP1910 and others PDA's they say they have PPC 2002 Premium Edition? Is the version on the HP1910 missing programs that the Premium version would have on it and if so what programs.


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    PPC 2002 Premium Edition has things like WMP, Transcriber, Reader built into the ROM, where as on the 1910 you have to install them into RAM, eating some valuble memory, but fine if you don't use those apps though.
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    Lightbulb This PPC 2002 OS FAQ...

    ...from HP may help explain this. It was published in the Fall of 2001 when the PPC 2002 OS came out and the upgrade CD became available from Compaq. Its probably still fairly pertinent for your question...


    Q . What functionality is not included in the Upgrade Version of Microsoft's new Pocket PC 2002?

    A . The Pocket PC 2002 Upgrade Version created by Microsoft was limited in order to fit into the 16 MB ROM of the iPAQ H3100 and H3600 Series Pocket PCs. The full version of Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 requires more than 16 MB ROM, therefore the Upgrade Version had to be reduced to fit into the flash ROM of the iPAQ H3100 or H3600 Series Pocket PC. The Upgrade version does not include the following functionality:

    Instant Message Client

    Terminal Services Client

    Spell checker

    WAP Browser

    Microsoft will develop RAM installable components for the MSN Messenger and Terminal Services Client. The release date according to Microsoft is in the first quarter of 2002. Follow this link for the latest information. http://www.microsoft.com/mobile/pock...paqupgrade.asp

    Microsoft does not have plans to make the WAP Browser for Pocket Internet Explorer or the spell check functionality available as installable components. RAM installable versions of Microsoft Reader, Microsoft Media Player, Transcriber, and AvantGo are available. These programs can be installed in RAM from CD or from the links on the upgrade CD.
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