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    I don't know. How a topic called: "Will OQO desktop-PC-in-the-pocket kill PPCs?" will help new users?

    I'm all about using stickies for useful topics, but the ones that are there right now are not IMO.

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    Those sticky threads are worse then repeat newb questions. How can you say that there are to many repeat newb questions and then put the exact same 3 repeat questions in the first three spots forever? What makes message boards great is that they are made up of what the people want. Now some moderator thinks they know what everyone wants and mandates it, sigh.

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    Thank goodness, they've come unglued!!!!!

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    Talking sniff

    Originally posted by Mongoose
    Now some moderator thinks they know what everyone wants and mandates it, sigh.
    "Eat your meat. You can't have any pudding if you don't EAT YOUR MEAT!"

    Yeah, I guess msmasitti, asatyss, and I are a bit too dictatorial...

    They are now unglued; we don't know who glued them, so perhaps it was the God/Goddess of Technology having a bit of fun at our expense?
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    ok, i think the flow of the threads is much better now with nothing shoved up and stuck at the top.

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    Default There Baccck.....

    Won't somebody stop the madness?



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