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    Question Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks

    It has been sometime since I have posted a message and this questions may have already been asked and answered (I wasn't able to find it).

    For added features of Palm Desktop 4.1.4, which Palm devices (and Palm OS) are actually able to use/display "location" and "category" of the Calendar entries, etc. The category feature on the desktop is quite useful to filter, etc.

    I have a 515 with Palm OS 4.1 and Desktop 4.1.4. I will be getting a T2 soon (does that take advantage of these features?).

    Thank you.

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    No, the newer desktop features are only available on the Zire31, Zire72, T/E and the T3 models.

    The other Palm models presently do not support these features.

    Unless Palm releases a new updated basic apps for the older models, these feature will be only functional on the listed models and those yet to be released.
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    But the new desktop IS niceer than the old one.

    I like the ability to have categories and colors, for instance. I'm using the new desktop, but synching to the old aps on my Zire 71. The new fields don't sync, but at least I have the colors on my desktop version. (That's ok for me because I work mostly off the desktop and just have the Zire 71 with me when I go somewhere.)

    I sure would like to have the new aps on the Zire 71 though.
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