Where is Palm Desktop data?

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    Default Where is Palm Desktop data?

    I've just re-formatted my PC's C:\ drive for reasons unrelated to the Palm software. Before doing so, I made a backup of the Palm Desktop data files (address book and memos) onto another drive.

    When I'd reinstalled Windows XP and Palm Desktop, I went to restore the data files. When I did so I found it had only backed up one record from each file, not the complete files.

    I no longer have any Palm handheld device, I was only continuing using Palm Desktop to create and hold memos on my PC.

    Before formatting I also created a full backup on an external HDD. I've searched to find which are the original Palm data files so that I can simply copy them back into the Palm folder on my C:\ drive, without success. Can someone tell me what their names and/or file extensions should be, so that I can locate them, please?

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    Default Re: Where is Palm Desktop data?

    The folder will normally be found under \Palm then depending on the user name you selected, there will be a folder within this structure with a shorten version of that user name, (first 6 characters). then each Palm application will have its own folder, Datebook, Addressbook, MemoPad, ToD0. The each folder will have multiple files associated to the contents of the data, some are the same with different extensions. .DAT type is the current data, .BAT is the copy of the data prior to the last sync. Example - \Palm\[username]\

    The Palm desktop provides you the option to change the location of the data file structure, but it is created and tracked by the desktop when installed. t restore the contents from a back up you MUST replace the files exactly as created by the installation under the user name you selected.
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    Default Re: Where is Palm Desktop data?

    Ah, okay, I've got them. On my HDD now they're in C:\Documents and Settings\myname\My Documents\Palm OS Desktop\T2 etc. I don't remember there being an option to nominate an alternate storage location, but I'll look for that later.

    Now that I know where the files were, I'll be able to find them on my backup once I get Acronis True Image reinstalled.

    Thanks BAB2000.

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    Default Re: Where is Palm Desktop data?

    Well, this is weird: I can't find any Palm data files on my C:\ drive backup -- just the program files and a few shortcuts.

    But I have got a .csv file that I used to export data to my HTC phone a year ago, so I've restored my memos from that. My Palm address book had already been copied to Outlook Express and my HTC phone, so the loss of that data is of no consequence.

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    Default Re: Where is Palm Desktop data?

    Sorry to reserruct this but I have a related question and this looks like the most appropriate place.

    A long time ago I broke my Palm (actually a Handspring) but continued "using" it's data and apps via Palm OS Emulator, (POSE) on my PC - primarily to access legacy data.

    I actually managed to hotsync this virtual Palm to Palm Desktop (ver 4.0.1) that I've just installed on Windows 8.1, the main reason being to get at and export the Palm address book. (I didn't run later versions of Desktop because apparently they don't support the Note pad).

    Everything actually seemed to work (don't ask me how, a lot of trial and error) and my POSE address book contents appeared in the Desktop program from where I was able to export it.

    However, if I make any further changes on POSE (e.g. to the address book or note pad) and resync, the updated data never makes it into the Desktop version. Yet, If I examine the backup files (.dat and .bak) files within the desktop app folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Handspring) in say "Notepad", I see that the files were successfully updated/hotsynced.

    Also, if I make a change to an entry in the Desktop app, then close and re-open, I see that the change "sticks", but that the modified date/time on the (.dat and .bak) don't change - so these files aren't the ones being used by the Desktop to store or backup the desktop app data.

    It appears that the data in Desktop came in from POSE only at the time of installation and won't resync. I thought that if I could locate wherever the Desktop version stores it's files (obviously not the same as where HotSync is backing up the POSE files to) that I could remove them and maybe "force" the desktop to pull in the information as if it were a new install.

    One odd thing is that the HotSync menu within Desktop is does nothing when any of its items are clicked.

    Any ideas where desktop may be storing it's data?




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