Bluetooth Internet access from Tungsten T through laptop

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    Question Bluetooth Internet access from Tungsten T through laptop

    OK, I give up...

    I have a Tungsten T and I am trying to configure it to access the Internet through a Bluetooth connection on my laptop. I'm sure I'm missing something but I can't figure out what.

    I have a D-Link DBT-120 USB Bluetooth connection on my laptop. I set up a trusted connection between my Tungsten T and the laptop. I know it works because I am able to Hotsync using Bluetooth. The Hotsync connection uses a PC connection from the Tungsten T and serial emulation on the laptop side.

    To set up Internet access, I created a new Bluetooth to LAN connection using a "Local Network" connection in the connection profile on the Tungsten. I then set up a network connection on the Tungsten using the Bluetooth to LAN connection that I just created. I don't enter a username or password for the network profile because I'm just connecting directly to my PC.

    I'm sure I'm missing something in the Bluetooth config. Do I need to assign a static IP address to the Bluetooth LAN connection on the laptop? Does the Tungsten need its own IP address? Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks... Bill

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    I am sure it is possible to get a BT network connection working on a Tungsten though I have a feeling its difficult and I don't unfortunately have a solution, just information:

    (a) Look at this page ( to see how to do it on a Pocket PC powered PDA.

    (b) Sandisk's new 'Connect' product line (press release on their website) however might be an alternative solution as they appear to be releasing an SDIO WiFi (802.11b) card. You could then use WiFi instead of BT to connect to your home network/laptop's net connection


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    Er I'm an idiot billpoly - here's a tutorial showing you how to do it:

    And have a look at this thread too:




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