Garmin IMG map converter??

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    Default Garmin IMG map converter??

    Hello Sirs,
    i have a Garmin Map to my country with .IMG extension, but it doesnt open with my MapSource software to load it into my Nuvi 710 Garmin Device!!

    Any one of you can help me how to convert the .IMG map to .GDB file??or any other extension that can be openned and loaded to my Garmin 710 Nuvi device??!
    thank you,

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    Default Re: Garmin IMG map converter??

    Have you tried to copy the .IMG file onto an SD card and plug it into the Nuvi? I'm not sure if the map goes in the root folder on the card or if you need to create a GARMIN folder on the card and place the map file there.


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    Default Re: Garmin IMG map converter??

    For use in Mapsource, it needs to have an index file and registry settings done. Fairly straightforward. You can not just copy IMG files to the unit.

    Mapsettoolkit is probably the easiest route.



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