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    Default I 2 am curious

    Hi Ed,

    I love brighthand. thanks.

    With regard to iQUE. I have e-mailed Garmin on numerous occasions and get no response from them on the questions I pose about the iQUE.

    Perhaps you would hazzard a guess at the followiing:

    As the iQUE is enabled to map a route to any addrersses in the Palm address book, I wonder if the iQUE could ever be made to support 3rd party contact apps, like Chapura's Keycontacts?

    Any thoughts?


    Claude H.

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    I assume any app could be made compatible, if the developer wants to bad enough. Garmin puting out an SDK to make this easier will help a lot. It will also depend on how successful the iQUE 3600 is.

    Chapura's KeyContacts will be an extra challenge because it doesn't make use of the Palm OS address database, as many third-party contact management apps do.
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    Point taken.

    It is precisely the fact that Keycontacts uses it's own database in lieu of the built in Palm DB that is the route of my question.

    Would it be Chapura's responsiblity to enable the proper interaction btwn Keycontacts and the iQUE GPS SW or would Garmin be the one to enable this capability? I want to know who to hound with e-mails

    Thanks again for your insight.

    Claude H.



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