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    Default First impressions?

    So, anyone at CES care to share their impressions?

    From what I can tell remotely, it looks like Garmin has got a real winner on their hands. This really is the "kitchen sink" PDA. Add a keyboard and wireless Internet access (via SD Bluetooth, perhaps?) and you're all set!

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    Default It looks impressive from I can glean from

    TechTV (CES) but being an apple user, it has a short-coming. Garmin's has not made their software available for us Mac users. I spoke with them directly on the bluetooth ability but the tech guy was not aware of it yet. I can get to a PC to for the software upload but I need to check if it will work with isync.

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    The concept is great. However, 2 things disappoint me about this:

    1. Non-removable battery.
    2. No 4 way joypad. This is a really great feature of the Palm TT - the ability to lookup names with one hand via the joypad.

    That's not to say I wouldn't buy one. Battery life however is key and I suspect the iQue will disappoint in this area.

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    You read my "first impressions" article on it, didn't you?
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