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  1. karlpet
    on the search of ROMs for HP214
  2. teemacs
    Back again
  3. teemacs
    Hello, Aceeca seems to have vanished away. Is there an alternative source for the Palm 64-bit drivers?
  4. Sony Walkman WM-FX2
    Sony Walkman WM-FX2
    PDA lover, sixteen and living the life in Louisville KY!!
  5. Scoobie10
    Scoobie10 RickAgresta
    How in the world do I send you a private message?? Still trying to figure out the new BH
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  6. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta ROBNET54
    ROBNET, belated happy birthday.

    I saw your profile post to holvoetn about your TX question. Sadly, it's been a few years since we've had the privilege of his being here. so, I'd suggest just posting in the TX forum, much more likely to get a response :)
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    2. lelisa13p
      RA, I thought the same until I saw on ROBNET54's message date that forum software tracks (although prior to the message) -

      holvoetn was last seen: Jun 13, 2017

      Thanks for posting the TX forum link. Forum has no provision for relocating Profile posts into Forums while maintaining post's association with OP. This limitation has been investigated.
      Oct 29, 2017
  7. ROBNET54
    ROBNET54 holvoetn
    Hi I am new to the forum I was wondering if somebody could help me with a Palm TX issue. Sorry to bother you
  8. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta cassidy0423
    Rest in Peace, Cassie
  9. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta davidspalding
    Happy upcoming birthday! I see your name regularly on the 'logged in members' list so thought I'd say hello. Be well, RA
  10. guywolffe
    guywolffe questionfear