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  1. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta Chet L.
    slightly early Happy Birthday, Chet! Hope you and your family are all well; personally, family is okay. BH has had 1 member who had a mild case of covid-19. my wife and I, and our 20-something sons, have gotten our I just have to continue to watch for drivers who don't know how to drive...
    Take care of yourself Chet; fwiw, the breakroom is still open for business :vbrolleyes:
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  2. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta Curious Cat
    Happy birthday, CC! Hope it's as great as possible, given the events of this year… Be well, stay safe (damn virus!)
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  3. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta weegie
    weegie, sorry I missed your b•day this week; hope it was really good, despite the circumstances. Do your best to be well & stay safe (damn virus!).
    Best, Rick
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  4. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta wozofoz
    Me, too, woz.
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  5. JRakes
    Settling In...
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  6. JRakes
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  7. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta AKAJohnDoe
    Rest in Peace kind sir
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  8. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta Glennski
    Hey, good to see an old friend pop in! Hope all is well with you & yours (damn virus). RA
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  9. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta Chet L.
    please come back, a$$hat is long gone:

    I see you stopped by a touch over a week ago -- I hope that's a good sign, regarding your health (and of course, your family).

    Regardless of your decision, hope you have a very happy birthday.

    Be well, RA
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  10. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta jynxpalm
    You might be surprised…