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  1. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta Naomi
    have you tried to do a soft reset? that's the easiest and least risky step to take at this point. Good luck!
  2. Naomi
    My Palm Z22 handheld will not react to being tapped with the stylus. Any suggestions how to fix that?
  3. JRakes
    Settling In...
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  4. JRakes
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  5. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta AKAJohnDoe
    Rest in Peace kind sir
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  6. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta Glennski
    Hey, good to see an old friend pop in! Hope all is well with you & yours (damn virus). RA
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  7. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta Chet L.
    please come back, a$$hat is long gone:

    I see you stopped by a touch over a week ago -- I hope that's a good sign, regarding your health (and of course, your family).

    Regardless of your decision, hope you have a very happy birthday.

    Be well, RA
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  8. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta jynxpalm
    You might be surprised…
  9. lelisa13p
    lelisa13p wozofoz
    Remembering you today on your Birthday. I miss your face.
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  10. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta Dick Tracy
    5 years later....
    Happy Birthday, DT!