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  1. peterr sherman
    peterr sherman
    figured it out. use a different machine.
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  2. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta Chet L.
    Belated Happy Birthday Chet! Hope it was great. Be well, RA
  3. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta peterr sherman
    peterr, you'll probably get meaningful replies if you post, in a new thread, in whatever forum you think fits best. good luck! RA
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  4. peterr sherman
    peterr sherman
    getting error message when attempting to synch #-116. been working for years as of march 12 i cannot synch. any ideas?
  5. peterr sherman
    peterr sherman
    palm treo 650. palm desktop 4.2.1. powerbook g4 10.4.11.
  6. internetpilot
    internetpilot Ohappydaye
    Miss you Wonder Palmstress and fellow T|C user. It's been forever + a day since we've seen you around here!
  7. RickAgresta
    RickAgresta Ohappydaye
    Watching NC vs <eek> Duke, thought of you. Hope you're well. RA
  8. RudolfE
    RudolfE sony66
    WM 6.0 18165 V1.00.12-539-GER German

    Do you have this one?
    Please upload it for me.
    thank you
  9. McwPalmer3
    On my "Palm Desktop Access ver. 6.2.2" ; the "LOOK UP" search window has ceased searching. How do I restore its search process?
  10. tenor
    Palm Pilot T/X. unused in 10 years and not charged for 10 years. Is there any memory on it at this point?