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    Default BackupBuddy - freeware or shareware?

    I've heard raves about BB. I just installed v4.2. Now I realize that Blue Nomad apparently no longer exists. When I first launched the app it told me I had a 30 day trial. So I turn to my favorite PDA corner for information. Is there a free version out there? Is the "30 day trial" just for the professional version and I'll still be able to use the "regular" version after the 30 days?

    Anyone have any idea? Thanks!

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    Default Re: BackupBuddy - freeware or shareware?

    Ouch. I suggest you take a look at NVbackup (unless you have an older "pre NVFS" device). In that case I would suggest you find software offered by a company that is still in business and move on. You can then delete any backups made by BB and throw it out of your mind. You need to figure all this out long before the 30 days gets even close to running out because Murhpy's law dictates your device will hard reset on day 31 and you will not be able to restore any of your data.

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    Default Re: BackupBuddy - freeware or shareware?

    to possibly make things easier:

    NVFS devices are the T5, E2, TX, Lifedrive and any Treos 650 or higher that run PalmOS.

    that said, if your device does hard reset at day 31, the data that should be backed up on your SD(HC) card would include a copy of BB; the hard reset would erase the 'pointers' that are installed to let the program know when 30 days have elapsed (iirc, there are one or two entries in Saved Preferences that perform that function). Actually, without ferreting out and deleting those pointers, you're stuck *unless* you perform a hard reset or some similar sort of surgery.
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    Default Re: BackupBuddy - freeware or shareware?

    r0k, IIRC the device in question is a TT3.

    BackupBuddy would've been good if still a viable choice. Given that it's not, take a look at BackupMan. I use it on my Zire 71s (2) & m130 and also on my TXs (2) along with NVBackup, which you can't use. It may seem a bit pricey but it's so excellent that I've never regretted purchasing. Sometimes the app is on sale which gives you a break on the price. Whether sale priced or not, r0k's correct about Mr. Murphy's stupid law. Regret over lost data is bitter indeed.

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